Lost is a book that focuses on the concept of feeling lost, and how that can be interpreted by different people. I think that everyone has moments of feeling ‘lost’ in their lives, and I found myself fascinated by what that actually means to a person. This project to investigates how we each define ‘feeling lost’, and to what extent these definitions differ. My curiosity led me to talk to a variety of people, ranging from 16 to 55 years of age.

Influenced by designers like Alan Kitching, Chris Ashworth and David Wolske, who all use a great deal of printing throughout their work, I felt that letterpress would be the perfect way to visually represent the emotion. Throughout the book, the printed ink on the pages becomes less and less, gradually fading away, and acting as a visual cue, becoming lost. Bound and constructed by hand, the cover and binding reflects the reoccurring themes brought to light within the interviews that continue through the book - partial presence, confusion, numbness, etc.

The process of creating this book involved a lot of research and experimentation. It was really exciting to explore different ways to use type and the letterpress studio to achieve my aims for the project.

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