Antalis presented the task of promoting their Keaykolour paper
stock. Inspired by Paul Jackson, creating textures by manipulating paper became a starting point for this project. Wanting to incorporate context within the outcome, I also looked towards graphic artists like Owen Gildersleeve, and his use of layering paper.

I wanted to involve the Keaykolour brand without using print, as it wasn’t practical with the resources available. The predominent letter within the brand, K, was the obvious choice to hero. The idea was to create layers of coloured paper, each with its own abstract shape, that when put together, they would form the letter K. I created digital mock ups to see if it was feasible as a concept, and then used Adobe Illustrator to create each layer that would be laser cut from the Keaykolour paper range.

A black box constructed from the Keaykolour paper acted as the case for all of the cards. The design is versatile, as the cards can be taken out of the box and rearranged to produce variations of the design. The design is clean and is easily linked to the Keaykolour brand. The playful nature of it would allow people to engage with the product, and even personalise it in their own way by mixing up the cards.

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