Mitigating Circumstances

2020 – 2021

Graduating in the middle of a global pandemic has certainly been challenging. Not wanting the University of Brighton Viscom Graduates of 2020 to become a forgotten year group, I worked hard to produce a catalogue showcasing our work. The accompanying website is also available to view here.

The tip in, enclosed in the front cover, has been screen printed and explains the context of the book. The project has allowed me to celebrate the work of our year group over the last difficult 14 months, and I admire the resilience and determination that we have all embodied. Encased in screen printed packaging, the catalogue has been sent out to agencies and students to spread our work in a way that we are currently able.

The cover has been digitally foiled in copper onto G F Smith paper stock – Candy Pink Colourplan.

Special thanks to Gavin Ambrose for his continuous support during this project, and for contributing to the catalogue. Beth Salter and Roderick Mills’ contribution  to the book is also greatly appreciated, along with the rest of our brilliant staffing team at the University of Brighton, without whom we wouldn’t be the creatives that we are today.

The catalogue showcases the work from the Graduating Class of 2020, Graphic Design BA (Hons) and Illustration BA (Hons) from University of Brighton.

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